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You are asking difficult questions about stress and genetics.
What we know is this: if you have gout, it is because there is too much uric acid in your body. We don’t know why exactly. And solving the problem usually takes several months (and sometimes more).
Taking Milurit for several months should lower your uric acid long enough for the pain to stop. But since you are only taking 100mg Milurit daily, you also need to be careful about what you are eating. You doctor told you to avoid some fishes, meat soup and organ meats like liver so chicken breast is allowed. You are right to eat only small portions of meat.
Future blood tests will tell you if you are taking enough Milurit and being careful enough about what you eat. If the blood tests show uric acid at 5 or less several times but the pain does not stop, the cause may be something other than gout.

You also need to understand this: not eating meat and taking Milurit does not stop gout pain immediately. Gout pain may stop and start again many times and it may be very difficult to understand why.
So for several weeks or months, you may also need to use an anti-inflammatory drug such as Aflamil to stop the pain.

If you see another doctor in Luxembourg, bring the results of all your blood tests along with the precise dates when you started and stopped Miluric.