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Rich Blazeski

Well I think is gout, what else could be in the beginning I thought that might be because of the stairs I went up and down to t5th floor at my work, at least 3 times per day or 2 that would mean like 30 floors per day at least for about 4 months, but then I was thinking that the pain that I had it couldn’t be so bad because of that..although it was only for a day really painful, this week for instance I walked 50 kms, the pain is ok, doesn t bother me too much, but is there and I don’t know what to say..I m trying to accept this and to enjoy life as it is.sometimes I get really depressed but now I am trying to be more optimistic. I will be back with the results next week, I still have two pills, I ll stop them for 7 days and then do the test again, I hope will be around 5-5.4 maximum, but with all the stress, I don t know, will gonna see..anyway, after 10 days I ll start the milurit again.for at least three months to see if I can get it under 4, and after I ll try only diet..and see what it a good plan.I don t know..I m just gonna try it and see.