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Hello Rich,

I haven’t had a chance to read over the entire thread but a few pointers;

1. along with your usual liver and kidney checks, check your haemoglobin and red cell count. If you have a genetic blood disorder (rapid breakdown of red blood cells) then your bilirubin will definitely be higher. You will also be able to tell if Milurit has affected these figures (if you have previous results to compare with as some doctors ignorantly only check UA levels).

2. Milurit dosing and prescribing follows a simple principle. If you want to continue eating and drinking what you eat and drink and you don’t want to worry too much about all this diet stuff (aside from maintaining a generally healthy diet) then Milurit, febuxostat, etc. are your only friend. You have no other choice. If however, your UA levels are slightly over 350ummol/l you can more then likely control everything with diet and loosing weight (if you need to) and not exposing yourself to cold temperatures.

3. If this pain is a result of gout then starting Milurit will more then likely cause a gout flare and without proper pain prevention or pain control it is going to hurt, there is no escape. Remember, when you lower UA levels, crystals will dissolve and break away and your immune system will react and this is what will cause the pain. Taking Milurit or not taking Milurit and running up the stairs or taking these long power walks will cause existing crystals to shuffle inside joints or break into smaller segments which again will cause gout flares. You need to prepare yourself for this.

4. I am around the same age as you and you have plenty of time to reverse any damage caused by gout. Don’t worry too much, you have options. I understand at that age your mindset is totally different but don’t worry, once it is under control you can return to that mindset. Take it easy pal.

5. Weed, I have no idea. It will probably dampen the pain while your “out of the zone” but as with all recreational drugs, you eventually come back to reality and that means retuning to the pain. A little searching on marijuana and gout on google brings up interesting results.

6. Depression is a clinical condition, amongst the first thing in rectifying this condition is digging down to the routes of what makes you unhappy. Have you established that yet? Don’t think about the issues, just list the issues on paper. Then its about targeted treatment.

7. Get your results, check the before and afters, see where you stand and where you want to stand then treat based on that. Trust me, there are far more serious and untreatable chronic/terminal illnesses in the world.