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Gavin Robinson

Hello all

Appreciate that I haven’t posted for a while and I wanted to give an update on my situation as things have moved on significantly.

My gout diagnosis has now been confirmed, I’ve been taking 100mg of Allopurinol since early May and (luckily) haven’t needed to continue with my Colchicine dose although I have some in case of emergency. Touch wood, I’ve had no major symptoms since I started the Allopurinol.

I’ve had 2 lab blood tests over that time averaging around the 0.37/39 mmol mark. Both tests matched my Benecheck meter prick test which I was really pleased about so I can use this as a viable way to monitor my UA levels going forward.

Bought myself an activity watch, sorted out my diet significantly and I’ve so far lost just over a stone of weight and I’m exercising 6 days a week. Last month I did the BHF May marathon and managed 52 miles (over the whole of May).

All of the above seems to be working for me. I even had my first steak since last year on Monday night and doesn’t seem to have caused me any problems. I’ve been limiting my alchohol intake but I have been drinking, mainly sticking to dry (less fructose sugar) cider and slimline gin and tonic. Again I haven’t had any significant symptoms nor have I really seen an increase in UA levels after consumption.

I’ll continue to update on progress, hopefully this will be useful to other/new members of the forum. Again thanks to everyone who’s provided input.