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You’ve got even more questions? Best give you an overview then…

I’ve gout in the family and had hyperuricemia basically my whole life. Back when I had my first weeks-long big toe nightmare, febuxostat wasn’t even on the market. I only figured out that the stuff might work for me this year, the assumption having been that my liver couldn’t stand it (and indeed a regular dose had done a number on it when I gave it a try). So irrational optimism aside, I should have been expecting serious flareups and not just minor ones.
I haven’t had a really bad attack in many years and instead I’ve been living with mostly mild chronic arthritic symptoms which is why I shrugged off frequently abnormal white cell fractions. That’s nothing you ought to be afraid of.

As to my current status, I’m of course doing much better but this flareup has been surprisingly long (and therefore most annoying). By the looks of it, that’s because it has been a multi-stage thing with different areas in and around the joint involved successively. So I’m not sure I’m out of the water yet.

As to the unrelated questions:

I’ve got no idea if and when your lingering symptoms would go away on their own. It’s not a given colchicine would help but I think it’s worth a try.
All I can tell you is that I did once experience more or less constant inflammation on a big toe for about 4 months (though in my mind there were several discrete attacks). That situation resolved on its own (though the foot took many months to heal fully once the inflammation was gone).
I also had other very long episodes which resolved themselves without colchicine. These things can’t last forever.

There must have been about 2 weeks between my strangely high test result after quitting ULT and the next one (which came back typical).