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Keith Taylor

Hi jokeco68, and thanks for your kind words. I’ve just sent you a welcome email. So, you can see where to edit your Profile, if you want to change your Display Name. Or, maybe jokeco68 is your nickname??!

I’m very interested, and very patient. But, I’m also often longwinded, so I hope you are also patient.

How did I persuade you to start allopurinol without also convincing you of the need to get regular blood tests? Because without that, I cannot give you any worthwhile advice.

So, I might as well write about the placebo effect. But I’ll try to stop myself. Except to say the power of the mind accounts for one-third of all treatment benefits. And, just as it applies to positive benefits, so the power of the mind applies to negative side-effects.

Just to be clear, are you telling me you never had a blood test! I realize Canadians are a special breed. But, that’s because I thought you are especially kind and good. If you’re going to run a health service without blood tests, please explain how that works. Or, have you just forgotten to post whatever results you have?

Anyway, without information, everything is just a guess, so here are my guesses.

1. I guess allopurinol is working fine because your gout flares are getting less frequent and less severe. Also, you went a long time with no obvious side-effects. But, that just means you relax your diet, eat badly, and gain weight. Then, the extra weight puts a strain on your body. So that, coupled with poor diet causes swollen lower legs.

2. I guess the failure to stay healthy, coupled with approaching 50 years old and a complete change in sexual lifestyle give you an occasional drop in sexual performance. But, instead of dealing with the real causes, you look for excuses. Because, if you Google side-effects of any drug long enough, you will find something that fits.

So here’s my plan!

1. Fly me to Canada and give me accommodation.
2. I will supervise your eating, exercise, and waistline.
3. Then, I’ll persuade your doc that blood tests are necessary.
4. You’ll get back into shape, and gout will stop.

Other personal gout support plans are available! 😉 🙂

Let me know how you want to proceed. I hope I don’t need to explain that my little plan is tongue-in-cheek. Because, seriously, we can crack this. But, we have to take it one step at a time. So my first step is to truly understand your blood test situation. Because it’s an essential part of any uric acid lowering therapy.

Your best first step is to tell me the contact details of whoever is prescribing your allopurinol. Because if they haven’t broken the law by refusing blood tests, they have broken every ethical code.

In the meantime, stop reading crap from people you don’t know about allopurinol side effects. It’s not helpful and it will make you worse.

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