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jokeco68 .

Haha! Thanks Keith for the reply. After posting I realised I forgot to enter my last uric acid readings. The last test results I got were in July ’16 and at that point it was still over 300 umo/l and the highest result I got was 424 umo/l. Now, as I said, one doctor flatly refused my request for a lab visit as he feels those readings fluctuate depending on what you eat. Seriously. The last time I got a prescription refill that doctor had given me a general check up request form so I am going to use that to book an appointment and get that done. From the check up he said they would also measure my uric acid level. As I said, when you don’t have a family doctor in Canada you are really left to look after yourself. It’s brutal here.

As far as the allopurinol goes, I would LOVE to think it’s simply psychosymatic or bad diet but I just can’t as that would be doing a disservice to myself. I have been dealing with low energy, swollen legs, constant headaches, fatigue and recently absolutely terrible sexual performance which has never been an issue before. Have you come across any other cases of long term allopurinol use that has developed symptoms such as this? I have searched out the forum but it seems as if most are in initial phases and dealing with flare ups. As I said before, haven’t had any issues for 6 months gout wise but the other issues have been getting progressively worse. Additionally, as I said previously, I haven’t gained any appreciable weight over 10 years now at least so I am not sure why I have been recently dealing with ill fitting clothing and swollen lower legs.