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Keith Taylor

Great stuff, jokeco68, now I have more to go on. Then, as I get to know your situation better, we’ll get nearer to a plan that works for you.

As well as uric acid tests, I always recommend blood tests for kidney function and liver function. Because that is absolutely the best starting point for assessing and dealing with side-effects.

nobody makes lots of valid points, and the one that stands out is febuxostat. Because that could be a quick answer to the side-effects you blame on allopurinol. However, in the USA, febuxostat is overpriced Uloric and I don’t know if that affects Canadian costs.

Also, it’s absolutely essential to get liver function tests on febuxostat. Although adverse liver reactions are rare, they are too serious to risk without regular checkups. By which I mean monthly blood tests until you get uric acid stable. Then less frequent, but always at least once a year.

If febuxostat isn’t an option, we can look at better ways to manage allopurinol dose. But, I can’t see a clear timeline yet. So, was there a dose of allopurinol that worked for you without side-effects? If so, we should be able to come up with a package combining low-dose allopurinol with something else.

Finally, jokeco68, are you going to name and shame the so-called doctor who “flatly refused my request for a lab visit as he feels those readings fluctuate depending on what you eat.” Because we need to warn your fellow Canadians to stay well clear.