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Keith Taylor

Sorry Eia, I think the application form got broke. But, it should be working OK now, and I’ve included it in this reply.

However, before you apply, you should consider the issues raised by nobody, and by Rich. Because it is impossible to have gout at 3.3mg/dL, except for 2 possibilities:

1) You have had uric acid much higher than 3.3 in the past. Then you need help for a short time while your body adjusts to the sudden fall in uric acid.

2) Your result is not 3.3mg/dL, but 0.33mmol/L. So, please check your uric acid blood test results carefully.

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Uric Acid by Diet Type chart

Statistics don’t make gout diets – people do!

But, statistically, vegans are most at risk of gout. See Why Vegan Diet is Worst for Gout for more information.