Reply To: Gout Diary – Gary Cork

Keith Taylor

Gary, thanks for posting your latest results. But I hate being the bearer of bad news. Because 397 is still too high.

To explain, you don’t start gout recovery until you are down to 360. Even then, progress will be very slow. So, your target should be below 300. Then, when you have gone 6 months with no symptoms, you can relax the dose if you want.

There’s no fixed rules about how long this takes. But, we can certainly say that the more you lower uric acid, the faster the process will take.

The good news is, you have completed the first step very well. Because you have proved that allopurinol works for you. Now it’s time to go to step 2, where you increase to an effective dose. So please ask your doctor to increase allopurinol so you can get below 300.