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Keith Taylor

Seriously, Eia, you can’t keep putting your health at risk like this. Because you clearly do not have gout. But, you might have something that requires immediate medical attention.

Treating gout is very easy for most people. But, like all diseases, it is totally dependent on getting the diagnosis right. Because there are lots of diseases that have gout-like symptoms. So, what you need is a rheumatologist who is expert in differential diagnosis.

To explain, differential diagnosis is a series of assumptions about your disease. Then tests to confirm or deny each assumption until you get the correct diagnosis. Because only then can you start to treat your ailment. Also, you need an expert to determine those life-limiting possibilities that need to be ruled out, or treated, first.

It’s good that you have taken the first step. Because you’ve assumed it is gout. Then you took the test and ruled gout out. But if you continue without expert help, this could take you a lifetime. So, I think it’s time to seek out an expert rheumatologist in your area.

As for my “recommended vegan diet”, unfortunately, I have no such thing. My approach to diet is:
1) We analyze your current diet to see if we can make gout-friendly improvements. But, you don’t have gout. So, this can’t apply.
2) We work on your preferences to amend your choice of Foundation Gout Diet to suit your gout. But, again it won’t work for you as you don’t have gout.

My diet planning choices are because gout can only be treated with a personalized plan. And that applies to drugs, herbal, or lifestyle gout treatment. I have no idea what applies in your situation, Eia. So, I think you should eat healthy whole foods. Then take supplements that your vegan nutritionist recommends. Thus avoiding malnourishment from missing essentials.

Finally, my best recommendation would be a vegan alkaline diet. Unfortunately, I don’t know any reliable resources. For the sake of your health, use Google Scholar or PubMed if you want to research it properly. As this is not about gout, I can’t help you with that research here. And, I’ve had to put my Foodary project on hold until I get GoutPal back at the top of my game.

To conclude, I’m really sorry I can’t help you more at this time. But, if you can’t find good quality help elsewhere, you can push me to restart my nutrition project, with you first in line.