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A few side notes to add to this thread:

Gout Pain Gone But Still Swollen

@BigA – I hear you mate. I had attack followed by another a year later and finally started allopurinol. As I increased the dose of allopurinol I got a severe attack and boy did that put me out for a good month. For that matter, my situation is exactly that of yours. I had to stop allopurinol for a few reasons but I might be starting febuxostat a little later. In any case the main pain is gone but I still get pain from the slight remaining swelling 2 months later! I haven’t been able to do my usual long walks as after a while the swelling starts to hurt a little and I need to put my feet up for a while. So can lingering pain and swelling last a month or two later? In my case definitely yes, in fact it is still slightly swollen and the pain is still lingering. I’ve been given Colchicine to try and speed the healing process but for the time being I am staying away from all drugs until another medical condition I have is checked.

@morgano70herbs – this is not entirely true. Refer to this:

The general advice for treatment is:
1. Find out if you actually have gout and not similar conditions.
2. If it is gout, then find the cause for your gout and treat that.
3. If there is no apparent cause, try and treat it with diet “if” possible.
4. If that cannot be achieved then go onto drugs.

Whilst it is true that gout is insidious and takes time to develop, not everyone with high uric acid will develop it.

Don’t let gout scare you, it is treatable, you just need patience and will.