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There’s no need to go back to dairy in your situation if you don’t mind taking a little allopurinol.
I don’t know what’s good about dairy exactly. I suppose it’s a bunch of stuff, including calcium and the low purine content compared to alternative protein sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if the effect of dairy consumption on gut microbes was a big part of it.

I hope you won’t mind if I answer your other post here as well…

0.30 mmol/l is fine as maintenance target. It’s also low enough to cure gout. But there’s an argument that pushing uric acid a bit lower while you are still suffering from symptoms might cure you faster and in the meantime make attacks shorter or less severe. I think that makes sense and so I’ve pushed my uric acid a bit lower than 0.30.
If you didn’t have many blood tests while on allopurinol, there’s also the chance that the result you got was anomalously low. Your average value might conceivably be 0.34 (or 0.27 for that matter). From that perspective, it also makes sense to aim a bit lower in order to have a safety margin.
Then there is the issue of your feet often feeling cold to consider. If they are indeed colder than most people’s feet, that would warrant a slightly lower target.
Some people would advocate pushing your uric acid much lower (like 0.22 or even less) and that is in my opinion questionable outside of unusually severe cases.
But I think it would make sense for you to take 150mg instead of 100mg until you are confident your symptoms are gone (assuming of course that your doctor thinks you could tolerate the temporary dose increase). That would still be a very small dose compared to what most people take. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the modest amount of purines in soy and such.