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Rebecca Nahid

Thanks I will mention that to my doctor then when I see her. Just out of interest what high doses are some people on? I have heard of people taking 800mg and just would love to know if it brings any side effects? Woke up today and although the joint is not that swollen/red/hot still feels uncomfortable.

This brings me to another question (I hope you don’t mind all these questions) how much do you stay off your feet during an attack? I know when I get the first stages of an attack, as in early hours of the morning, absolute agony, I can barely put my foot down on the floor when I get out of bed, so I tend to sit with my foot elevate for a good 24 hours until the pills start to kick in. But now that I am not in agony do you think its okay to do light housework, vacuuming, cooking etc..and even going to the shops, walking short distances? I find most of it depends on whether I can actually get footwear on, when its really bad I can’t even put my foot into a slipper. Luckily I have some brilliant velcro sandals that are ideal for gout.