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@Keith – hello mate, you know me.. Always trying to educate myself and others where possible 🙂

Fantastic comprehensive response. Thanks 🙂

You raise interesting points particularly with;
1. immobility and it extending the duration of the gout flare – Whilst this may be true I do feel it may delay the healing time. Since my last flare I’ve kept as mobile as possible but I notice after a long days movement my gout flare foot starts to hurt and the pain increases further as I exert further mobility. Not exercise just walking. That was certainly not the case with my previous two attacks. But that could all be down to this attack being invoked by allopurinol.

2. You mention one Colchicine at night and one in the morning (two a day)? I’m not too sure I understand as further down you mention two tablets and one an hour later (3 a day). Is the first option what you generally would take if you got an attack and the second a general dose?

3. Finally during an accute flare how many days do you generally take the Colchicine for?

Thanks mate.