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Thanks for the replies. Let me try summarise if I was a bit vague

1. Fist attacks in left foot 6 years ago. (Too much beer over weekend) went to a&e had a blood test and told it was gout.

2. Three years later another attack on left foot after too much beer (stag do)

3. Third attack in April this year which is approx 6 years after my first attack. This time in my right foot.

I’ve been told that taking a blood test while having an attack is pointless because you have either low or high uric acid. I can’t remember which.

Yes I’ve only had one blood test after this attack which was over 2 months after the attack. Which was 0.401.

I purchased a digital blood test device to test myself more regular once I’ve lost some weight.

About the weight… of only I could lose weight that quick. But watching what I eat and eating a health and varied diet. I have also joined a gym and started swimming after work.

To stress that I’ve not had an attack since this one in April and I’d like to elaborate on what the foot is like now. It’s not painful it’s just like a feeling of not compleatly healed. Visually my effected foot looks slightly ‘puffy’ if that’s the word, or fatter than the other but that’s it. I can run jump and walk fine. It’s more that I can feel it’s different than it’s painful. Being on my feet all day is probably hindering the healing for sure.

I’d be happy to take advice on this and what else I can do other than losing weight, drinking water and cherry juice to help.

The doctor wanted to try the weightloss etc because my test were so close to being within an acceptable range and I’m all for not taking pills if you can do something about it.