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Gout Swelling Won’t Go Away

So you’ve had about three months without pain? No loss of joint mobility? Just constant slight swelling? Odd. Certainly not something I’ve experienced so I’m kind of at a loss…
I think you’d better get that foot examined by someone who knows about many different types of joint or foot problems, not just about gout. You didn’t say if you ever got a solid gout diagnosis. And it’s possible a gout attack did some damage and that the problem you have now is related to but separate from gout.
But whatever the cause of your lingering swelling, if you can’t or won’t try rest and possibly physical therapy to help with the healing, I’m guessing infiltrating or injecting a drug that fights inflammation in your foot might help without as many side effects as you’d get from taking a similarly nasty drug in pill form. But I’m no doctor and I’ve not even seen your foot so that’s obviously a really wild guess.
There are gentler things some of us have tried to get rid of lingering symptoms and help to heal along but… three months? I think you’re past home remedies and the like.
Your symptoms might not seem like a big deal right now but it might possibly the early signs of something that could get worse over the years. Best see a qualified professional and catch that kind of thing early.

Now if you want to try to manage your uric acid without drugs…
You already know about drinking water and losing weight. Good.
But it’s a complicated problem. Many things contribute and there are lots you could do. Some things matter more for some people than others. You’ll have to research this for yourself. But here’s a summary:
-if you’re inclined, become a vegetarian and be careful about shrooms and yeast too (that or you’ll have to be very picky about what meats you eat)
-get much of your protein from dairy instead
-quit sugar, don’t drink or eat stuff containing sugar (especially fructose: watch for “corn syrup” in ingredient lists), watch your consumption of sweet fruits and especially their juices as well (cherries are obviously fine)
-quit alcohol
-eat a whole lot of vegetables containing magnesium, potassium and calcium (which would be pretty much all vegetables, but amounts vary)
-avoid both starvation and very taxing exercise as well as fast weight loss
-review any medication you’re taking or planning to take (including herbal medicine, recreational drugs and such) for potential effects on uric acid
If that sounds like too much of a burden, consider simply taking a daily pill instead.