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Keith Taylor

Hi Rebecca,

Firstly, I’m sorry I’m late to respond to you, but the depression hit me pretty hard recently and I (wrongly!) took to my bed. Anyway, my mate and I have come up with a plan to try and prevent recurrences. So, I hope to be more responsive to you in future.

I only mention that because exercise is important in both my diseases. But, it takes a while to sink into my addled brain. Because your description is exactly how I responded to gout, and it’s completely wrong.

As with allopurinol treatment for uric acid control, gout pain control has to be personal. But, it’s absolutely vital to maintain normal walking. Otherwise, you end up with posture problems. And that can lead to pains everywhere, but usually back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

As well as personal pain control, the biggest thing I learned was how you help your feet during a gout attack. Soft shoes and slippers seem the obvious choice. But, they give no support at all. What you need is strong shoes or boots, with layers of socks for added support.

I know it can be hard to accept this. I just summarized several years of my life experiments with gout in a few sentences. So, I have to leave now and focus on getting my new personal gout plan service fully operational. Because all your answers lie there.