Reply To: Gout Diary – Gary Cork

Gary Cork

Thanks for this Keith. I went to my clinic and said that I wanted to up my allopurinol intake and they agreed, so I am taking 100mg. 2 times per day.
Since I am in the normal range for uric acid under the British Columbia health plan I need to wait 6 months before I can get another uric acid level checked. I am almost considering getting my own Uric acid meter.
I have recently had a flare up in my knee and took 2 colchicine over the next 2 hours with no effect. I then took 400 mg. of ibuprofen and that had appositive effect, lowering the discomfort. the next day my knee felt better and since I was visiting someone on my motorcycle I took another 400mg. and my knee felt much better.
Today I took one 200 mg. ibuprofen this morning which has helped but now my left foot has a burning sensation which previously was helped my colchicine and am wondering about taking that over 400mg. ibuprofen. Any thoughts.