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Rebecca Nahid

When you say my doctor has no cluecwhat do you mean? She is not a very old doctor in her warly 40s but she does seem very clued up on gout. I feel really confused now. Why xan’t I just follow her instructions initially and take 300mg daily (as Keith you do not seem to regard higher doses of allopurinol a problem rather a benefit). I have excellent liver and kidney function surely if I did get side effects I could then suggest taking 300mg on alternate days? From what I have understood on here the 300mg will break up old uric acid crysrals and perhaps 100mg was too low a starting point. I presumed the highr dose, as she said herself, would be a good step in the direction of really attempting to knock this gout on the head and regain my lufe back. She is quite a forthright woman I don’t see the point in lowering the dose, going against what she has advised. Sorry if I come across whiny here but I was feeling generally positive about increasing to 300mg now it seems like its really controversial!