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You can thank your mother in law for her advice.
Your uric acid level is dangerously high. Most likely this didn’t happen overnight and is a problem you’ve had for a long time (if you’ve had routine tests in the past, looking at old results would settle the matter). It is not immediately painful and the problem doesn’t go away when the pain goes away.
You could try whatever you like to lower uric acid. Allopurinol is a very reliable way to do so whereas I would also be skeptical about saw palmetto. But whatever you do, you’ll be able to tell whether it worked or not by getting more blood tests.
What matters is that you do not forget about this problem when your pain goes away. Unless your gout diagnosis is shown to have been a mistake, you should keep doing blood tests until you find a way to lower your uric acid.
It also matters you see a doctor you can trust because this is a serious problem requiring serious lifelong management. If you are on a short vacation, maybe it’s best to wait until you come back home to make a decision about allopurinol.

There may have been a reason besides your preference for natural medicine why the doctor you saw didn’t want to give you allopurinol: do you know why your creatinine is so high?
If you aren’t a weight lifter or something, you might have a kidney problem. If so, I have no idea how dangerous it would be for you to take allopurinol. Fortunately, there is at least one alternative which is equally effective and convenient. Unfortunately, it’s also synthetic.

Since you don’t like synthetics, I’m surprised you haven’t been give colchicine which has been used for gout since ancient times. But like ibuprofen and vexamet, it’s only used for symptoms and is no alternative to allopurinol.
Maybe the doctors you’ve seen have ruled colchicine out because they are concerned about how well your kindeys are working.