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Rebecca Nahid

Its a relatively new discovery and goodness knows who thought of it! There are lots of recipes out there I would love to try meringue with it. It can also be used in mayo and dressings. It must be just plain water not salted I used Asda organic can and think Waitrose do unsalted. I made a choc mousse letting it set overnight but tastes lively as i was making it. I whisked the water left over from a can. It took 15 mins with a hand whisker but stand whisker would be quicker. I could not reach the fully desired consistency as in you can turn bowl upside down. Not sure if hot kitchen or crap whisker lol. Before this I melted 140g dark chocolate and allowed to go cold. This chocolate ha sugar added if u used bitter chic u could add sugar but not sure if would affect the mixture. Fold in the dark choc dont worry if mixture goes runny, then put in fridge.

I worked out it was 120ml water but your maths was way over my head as maths is not my stong point. I made 2 portions so basically galf a can of chickpea water. I was weary because my last attack came the next day after having consumed a large portion of home made hummus but could be coincidence! I have am glad what you said about allopurunol taking away the food worry life without hummus would be unbearable!