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Prolonged fasting is not recommended if you have gout. You want to be careful what you eat but you need to eat. Else you’ll effectively be eating an unbalanced diet consisting of animal fat (yours).

I guess ERs might be set up differently where you live but here they aren’t set up to deal with chronic conditions. And they’re very expensive (even if you’re not paying, someone is). They can give you meds for pain (not natural ones) and test you for injuries and infection. That’s about it. While they are unlikely to find anything, it’s of course safer to go to the ER than not to see any doctor.
They can of course also test your blood. And if you suspect gout you shoul get a blood test. It’s very important. You don’t have to get it right now (the result may be more accurate if you waited until the pain has gone away) and it would probably be cheaper if you got that test done outside of an ER.

Any doctor’s office can do a blood test or tell you where you can get one.
But the medical specialty dealing with gout is called rheumatology.
And if the diagnosis is uncertain, when you are having an attack you might want to see a specialized radiologist for an ultrasound and (if possible) joint fluid test. Rheumatologists know who the skilled radiologists are when it comes to gout.
None of this will force you to take meds, only help you understand what’s going on which would allow you to change your diet and pick the right natural remedies.
I have to say the meds work very well though. You could test small doses for side effects before writing them off.

Even if you’re only willing to take natural remedies, there are natural anti-inflammatories you could use to get relief. Be careful about the dosing though! Effective natural remedies have side effects and can potentially be deadly.

If you had many painful episodes you think might have been gout, not getting treatment for the root cause would be massively unwise.
Sure, the pain eventually goes away on its own. But it also comes back. It slowly destroys your joints while the underlying problem is more likely than not to get worse over time. And it might be damaging more than just your joints.