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@keith – thanks for the detailed response mate.

3. Yes, me too. My pain tolerance is generally quiet high but when it comes to a gout flare I think even the slightest feeling of pain warrants immediate treatment to prevent it getting worse and stop it in its tracks.

2. I guess that ibuprofen being available without prescription even if one intends to take the maximum dose gives the impression that it isn’t as strong as naproxen, diclofenac, etc. So your approach in using a milder NSAID such as ibuprofen is definitely the wiser one. One could argue that you can take a lower dose of naproxen but then it being still prescription only leads me to believe it’s best to try and stick with ibuprofen first.

It’s a little strange that no clear information is available on the matter of NSAID’s with Colchicine. I mean if it can provide effective relief with no major side effects then it should generally be prescribed to help patience get better quicker.

Just to confirm, was your three stage pain prevention plan devised with your rheumatologist or did you do your own research and try it yourself and find it to be safe?

Finally, those two colchicine tablets you take when you used to get an accute flares, would they be an hour apart (one then the second an hour later) or would they be around 12 hours apart (morning / evening)?

Thanks Keith