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Keith Taylor

Thanks, d_q, for mentioning Ouch! Why does Gout Recovery hurt?

I’ve added some extra notes about getting uric acid levels safe. So, hopefully, it is more relevant to Bob.

Bob, I feel you have been let down by not getting the correct uric acid lowering treatment to get your uric acid safe. Also, in the light of that negligence, I worry that you might not have the right safety monitoring of your treatment. Because when you get tested for uric acid, you should also get blood tests for kidney function, and for liver function.

That way, you can be certain that allopurinol is working for you safely. So, if it is, the obvious solution is to increase your allopurinol dose to get uric acid levels safe. Usually, that would mean increasing by 100 mg and retesting until you achieve a low enough level. Alternatively, your doctor might advise supplementing allopurinol with additional uric acid meds.

Finally, Bob, I realize this might be shocking after you’ve done all you can to “do the right thing”. So, please feel free to discuss any doubts and uncertainties you might have.