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Keith Taylor

OK, Colin, I can understand that you would not go to your doctor about gout. Because you do not want to treat it as a medical matter. So, I can agree with you up to a point, as I identify 3 potential types of treatment.

In Questions for Gout Sufferers I consider medical, lifestyle, and herbal treatments for gout. Or, you can combine these for different parts of your treatment. In fact, I can see that you are doing this when you combine ibuprofen for gout pain, with diet changes.

But, you don’t have a safe plan. Because, as nobody pointed out, you seem to be ignoring the cardiovascular risks of long-term NSAIDs. So, please start by reading your ibuprofen label. Then, tell me what you think about those risks. After all, I’m here to help you decide what’s best for you, not dictate what you should do.

Most importantly, I want you to understand that gout control depends on uric acid control. As I said, there are 3 types of uric acid control. But, we can’t even begin to control uric acid until we measure it.

So, it might be that your medical records contain some historic uric acid test results. If they are fairly recent, that could be our starting point for permanently stopping your gout. But, if you do not have a recent uric acid test result, then you need a blood test.

Again, you have 3 options:
– A doctor or similar medical facility.
– Walk-in lab test.
– Home uric acid test kit.

So, I won’t waste time just yet explaining the pros and cons of those choices. Because I’d like you to rank them in order of your preference first.

Colin, I hope to learn more about your gout history and preferences soon.