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Keith Taylor

@d_q, I’ve been thinking during my coffee break. Because, when I see things more complicated than a simple question and answer, I automatically move to 7-Step Progress mode. Then, I go back to the beginning and recheck what we are trying to achieve.

So, I started a quick review, and the lack of purpose is hitting me straight between the eyes. I think that is my fault, with hindsight. Because I should have asked for clarification as my first response.

To explain, I get the feeling you are looking for a one-size-fits all Three Stage Gout Pain Prevention Plan. But, that is not how I work. Because all aspects of gout management need to apply general principles to individual needs. Therefore, I want to take a common plan. For example, the Colchicine-NSAIDs-Paracetamol plan you started with. Then highlight for individual gout patients which points they need to make decisions on.

In that way, I can present an annotated plan that highlights personal choice. Together with guidance where they might make choices, discuss with their doctor, or seek extra info.

But, if I’ve read this wrong, maybe you are seeking your own personal acute gout pain plan?

So, d_q, can we restart by clarifying what we are hoping to achieve here? Then, I can summarize progress so far in the right context.