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Keith Taylor

Ha Ha urankjj, “nobody cares”! 😀

I’ve been expecting something like that ever since our fine friend chose his unusual username. But, it still caught me by surprise. Anyway, please add me to your list of people who care. I didn’t realize you were waiting for a response. But, if you want to attract my attention, please use a mention. That is when you type an @ followed by my username, keith. There must be no space between @ and username. Just please don’t overuse it. Because it generates an email to me, and I’m already struggling to control my inbox!

Anyway, I share your disappointment with your uric acid test result. But, I wonder if it’s malic acid related. Because I don’t think herbal gout remedies are strong enough to allow you to eat badly.

For example, gout patients on allopurinol can eat what they like. Because allopurinol removes most of the uric acid risk from food (simplistic view). But, if they continue with unhealthy eating, they’ll end up with stroke, heart disease, etc.

For gout herbalists, I think you have to also eat a gout-friendly diet, as herbal medicines are less powerful. But 80% plant based doesn’t sound too healthy to me. Because that means 20% of your food is animal based. Or, even worse, chemical-based. Now, I might be misunderstanding the detail here. So, urankjj, how about starting another topic where we can discuss if your diet is gout-friendly?

After that, if you have a good gout foundation diet, maybe we could look at combining malic acid with other uric acid lowering herbal medicine. Because combination treatments have proved to be effective in the pharma world. Eg, gout patients commonly support allopurinol with probenecid as they work on different aspects of excess uric acid.