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@nobody – Thanks for the excellent advice mate – great help.

Yes, that is indeed true about not knowing what effect Colchicine and Febuxostat have on blood tests. The problem of waiting a further 10 days to get an accurate picture of what Colchicine does (if anything) on my blood tests would mean at least a 2 week delay on starting febuxostat but I do agree safety is far more important then just starting febuxostat. An option might be to do the baseline blood test next week, whilst those results coming back maybe take colchicine for 2 or 3 days to see how I react to it and then stopping. Then finally starting febuxostat.

I am exactly like you in not wanting drug build up and feel that maybe dealing with an attack as it happens with a little extra colchicine safer then a gradual buildup over a month (if anything even happens). Yes, I did have a bad attack on allopurinol but to be honest maybe it was my fault for not treating it aggressively enough.

With regards to febuxostat dosing, I’m looking around for a good pill cutter and I’ll be experimenting with a kitchen knife a little later to try and split the pill even further to 20mgs. I’ll end up splitting the 80mg to 40mg and the 40mg to 20mg. I’m taking your advice on this one as I’d much rather micro manage the situation this time round. Thanks for the advice on that.

Now what I did want your advice on was:

How long should one stay on 20mgs before moving up (if necessary). From what I understand I should stay on 20mgs for at least two weeks as I’ll see a dramatic drop afterwards?

Could I get an insight as to what your rheumatologist recommended for your Colchicine dosing? Also did he mention which was generally safer NSAIDs or Colchicine? I’d just like to have a rough comparison of thoughts. Thanks mate.

– Hi Keith, I know you get many posts for advice and help here so I think its perfectly fine you’ve forgotten my situation 🙂
Best place for a quick recap would have to be here and here 🙂

$194.93 is extortion! As you know I’m UK based and the rheumatologist that actually gave me those dosage guidelines are infact higher then the ones stipulated at ( So I guess he is following some other rule or experience as it certainly isn’t the one on site. I am assuming the bounds of safety is 6mg in 3 days?

I think my rheumatologist was trying to play it safe since allopurinol didn’t work with me if you remember (haemaglobin) so, taking febuxostat with colchicine with nsaid’s all at the same time might not exactly be safe in he’s eyes. Out of interest, did your rheumatologist actually say it was fine to take Colchicine with NSAID’s?

Stop it in 3 hours! Well thats something I would love to be able to do! Its been 3 months of slight swelling and residual pain that comes and goes since my last attack, please do tell us your secret.

Now I feel in safe hands 🙂