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d q

Of course I take notice of your personal gout treatment plan 🙂
All the information you provide on the forum and publish on your site I thoroughly read. Ignorance is bliss but education is clarity.

First and foremost I had an epiphany when I realized gout pain stems from an immune reaction. Prior to that, I had the more typical view that sharp uric acid crystals were forming. So, I understood the importance of getting mobile as soon as possible. Why was it important getting mobile as soon as possible when realising that gout pain stems from immune reaction?

I too am happy with 6-8 hours of sleep when possible 🙂 I was initially wondering what a safe buffer time between tablets was but now I understand the mechanism of timings from you and nobody’s excellent advice.

My rheumatologist suggested two preventative options for me, either 250mgs of Naproxen -or- 25mgs of Diclofenac for one week with every febuxostat increase or a month of colchicine when starting febuxostat.

My first attack was exactly 3 years ago and I cannot express just how much I want to be able to get on with life knowing this is all behind me.

p.s. Did you go to the USA..? 🙂