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d q

Pain is most certainly the issue buddy 😉

I agree I should have tested Colchicine sooner but getting to speak to doctors in the appropriate (one recommending, the other appointment a month later) order is not always possible. If you remember I was already given the green light to try colchicine by my haematologist here. For that matter even after I was given the OK to use it I did my own research and found out it has potential to cause some anaemia (less then 0.1%) though. If you remember Allopurinol also took about 2 months to see a clear drop in haemoglobin (although I wasn’t tested during those 2 months so it may have been dropping weekly) so I think a few days using it during an acute attack whilst starting febuxostat should be ok. I hope.

In any case I’ve decided not to use it as a preventative approach as that will lead to higher risks in my case especially with febuxostat running in tangent giving us no clear indiction on what “may” cause a haemoglobin drop (if any). With regards to NSAIDs, yes I have taken them in the past with no issues at all. They didn’t help much in the past during an acute attack but during the visit to new rhematologist he recommended taking 250mgs Naproxen or 25mgs Diclofenec for a week when starting febuxostat and with every potential increase so that may prevent an attack even occurring further reducing my requirement on them. iron stomach here.. haha 🙂

The dramatic drop comment was simply my own since I believe we were discussing 40mg at the time which is a powerful dose. The best approach would be as you say to start at 20mgs watch both uric acid and haemoglobin in 2 weeks and then in another 2 weeks giving us a month in total. If all looks good, bump febuxostat up to 40mgs and watch and wait. Thanks for your pointers on the mushroom. What I would like to mention is I eat a lot of cheese and drink lots of milk. calcium levels are fine however.

i’ll be practising with cutting one of those pills today, how long can I store the cut pills in a jar for? Can I just go -bull in a china shop like- and cut the whole pack up and store them in a jar for easy taking?

p.s. Out of interest, what dose of febuxostat are you taking and what are your current uric acid readings?

thanks buddy..