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If pain is still a problem for you, again, ask your doctor about proper painkillers. Pain relief doesn’t have to be complicated.
I’d be more concerned about the damage inflammation is doing than pain but sometimes, pain relief is indeed what you want. Clearly, you wouldn’t be using it to defer treatment.

You have a (so far as I know) rare condition so I wouldn’t be reassured by numbers such as 0.1%. These numbers are often dodgy but in any case they are relevant to people who have no special health concerns.
But yeah, I would assume the main risk for cochicine would be if you took it regularly for quite a long time.

I’ve never been told to abstain from cheese or milk due to liver issues but it’s easy to eat too much cheese and common sense tells me it can’t be easy on the liver.

I have no idea how long you can store cut pills. I’ve been cutting them one pill at a time just in case.

I’ve been trying different febuxostat doses. For what it’s worth, I got SUA readings at 4.3-4.4 while on 20mg. But you should need more of the stuff to get there so depending on your subjective experience and test results, I’m not sure it’s best to keep taking only 20mg for so long (though four weeks is what was recommended in the document I quoted to you a few days ago).
More relevant to your situation than my test results are studies. Here’s one: after 16 weeks, 46.5% of patients on 20mg had a SUA at or under 6 against 2.6% of the patients on placebo and 82.9% of the patients on 40mg.