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The inflammation has significantly reduced. I don’t think there is much to worry there. I mean these things have to go at some point as you said and I’m just hoping it will soon. I could take anti inflammatories to potentially speed things up but I would really much prefer to use them when required to avoid plaguing my body with further medication. I want to try and have the most organic start before starting febuxostat. Unfortunately I still get daily pain and on some days it can be bad. It’s such a shame as 2 years ago I was as fit as a fiddle and those memories alone torture me.

Colchicine should be safe during flare ups for those 3 days but I most certainly don’t want to use it for preventative treatment until I see the impact of febuxostat. Starting colchicine now would just delay things further. I need to start febuxostat asap.

Cutting the 80mg to 40mg and then half again to 20mg was and is a little tricky but I’m not taking the risk, in fact I want to do this mildly this time. The fast increase of allopurinol caused this massive attack and my colchince ignorance and NSAID could have avoided this. I know I would have had to stop it eventually but I could have at least avoided the attack.

If 40mgs can keep me at 300-350ummol I would be happy, let crystals dissolve as slow as they want if it provides an easier long term ride.

By the way, do you have any ideas about “vitamin E’s” influence on uric acid. From what I understand its a powerful antioxidant and can potentially extend the life of red cells reducing turnover (which in my case is huge). My assumption is the result would be reduced uric acid release into the blood. I’m going to try a short 2 week course to see if it helps at some point. I’m not sure but I assume it ‘might’ also be beneficial for people without my condition but with gout. That’s just my guess.