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Colin Purves

Have finally succumbed to the sensible idea that a Doctor has to be involved in treating/understanding better the condition of Gout.
Consulted with Dr. on Monday 14/8/17 as to my concerns about what seems to be perpetual Gout. Three blood vials were taken and was immediately prescribed Ibuprofen (400mg),and to take one three times a day which I have done and to be fair there does seem to be better mobility in my knees.Dr. commented that the 100mg Ibuprofen that I was taking once before bedtime was insufficient to do the job properly.
Dr. phoned on wednesday to confirm Gout is there and prescribed Allopurinol (100mg) to be taken once daily and to continue taking the prescribed Ibuprofen.Picked up prescription today 17/8/17 and have taken first Allopurinol.
Blood tests also revealed that I have sticky blood,over production of red blood cells.Dr. suggested that could be the reason for the Gout and next step is to visit Haematology Dept.for further blood tests and to establish the reason for the sticky blood.
While all this is going on I`ll be keeping clear of high purine foods as I have been doing and taking the Montmorency Cherry juice.