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Andy (old forum)

this is my gout experience.

I am 33 years old. I got a gout attack in Sept 2012, the uric acid was 11.5 at that time( first gout may be March of 2011, but I was not aware that it was a gout problem), I took Voltaflam during the pain, after 3 weeks, the pain was gone.  then I start taking Feburic 40 for 2 months and Uric acid dropped to 5.6.

From here, I learned that it’s better to keep uric acid below 5 to remove all uric acid crystal in your body, so I start taking Feburic 80 for 2 months, during that 2 months, the uric acid was keeping below 4,  I assume that crystal has been removed in my body, then I reduce from 80 to 40 and keep taking 40 for 1 month, from last week, I reduced to 20, and today I feel the pain came back on my toe( not very serious), I took a uric acid test today, the uric acid is 5.6.

I took only veg from Nov to Jan,  but start taking pork, beef mutton from Feb, and took whiskey 4 times from 9th Feb to 16 Feb( around half bottle each time)

Also, I took baking soda sometimes.

Why the pain came back while the uric acid level is low? if my uric acid crystal has been totally removed from my body?