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urankjj .

@d q. I started taking one sometimes two 600 mg capsules of L-malic acid a day since March 2017, along with apple cider vinegar and celery seed extract caps [Celery Seed for Gout Forum linked above]. Only had uric acid checked once since then, late July-17, and it actually went up, from 6.9 to 7.6. No doubt quite high. I can’t explain that but it was suggested that it could be related to the ongoing break down of uric acid crystals still in the blood? I have been basically symptom-free. With no flare-ups or gout attacks since then, March 2017. Is that supplement related? I don’t know for sure. I am just trying to stay away from prescribed meds for as long as possible. There doesn’t seem to be much research out there on malic acid for treatment of gout but there is some. Here is one informative site on malic acid itself. Good luck….