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Rebecca Nahid

Luckily I didn’t have too side effects with colchicine just some slight upset stomach in the early days and insomnia strangely, but now I’m quite used to it so I agree with you both I would definitely take it may be a few days before I go away I find on holiday that my immune system never suffered any way of all the fresh air sunshine and healthy food which no doubt Turkey will have lots of fruits and vegetables

Since starting allopurinol in February I have had to further attacks one in May one in July they may one wasn’t very good but the July one definitely went away a lot quicker in fact after 2 days of rest and diclofenac I was up and around again like normal so yes fingers crossed! Thank you and definitely ignoring my previous doctor he told me to up my dose of allopurinol 300 mg at such a low level of uric acid I’m not even going to go there!