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Rebecca Nahid

Thank you for your kind comments that’s really nice of you I suppose I have replaced the obsession over calories that I used to have with Foods and what I can and can’t eat and any kind of restriction to someone that’s had an eating disorder is not good at all and leads to very negative thought processes.

It just seems odd to me that the last two gout flare-ups I had looking at my food diary one time I had quite a large portion of hummus and another time was quite a large portion of peanut butter buy large I don’t mean bucket loads though and as you pointed out still not comparable to animal proteins so it just doesn’t make sense for me and I definitely don’t think I need a dose increase not with my uric acid is so low so really cannot find them why I had the flare ups or maybe they are just pure coincidence

I’m careful about sore though and definitely would not be back to drinking dairy not just for the fact that I’m vegan but also I did previously had breast cancer 5 years ago which was oestrogen positive although plant estrogens seem to fall in the same category as plant purines not seen as Potent as those from animal sources I suppose all of that just has a knock on effect in the everything I eat I have to constantly worry over which I know is ridiculous