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Rebecca Nahid

So do you think I should continue to consume peanut butter and hummus as I agree with you I think one attack isn’t enough. I should have mentioned that they were not shop bought, they were both home made so would have no other chemicals or preservatives, probably why I consumed a larger portion as were so tasty!

I take multi-vitamins, don’t want to be drawn into any discussions re the controversy over them, with my past problems with food they are also a good way to get B12 which even non-vegans can be deficient in due to modern day farming practise. Would lysine deficiency show up on a blood test? As have mentioned before I have a full blood count every six months and nothing has even shown up as deficient, doctors have always gone over results with me and been very happy.

With the soya issue there is still very much undecided I would say within the medical community over whether it protects against breast cancer or could be harmful. I think the problem was the studies into Asian populations that seemed to show a protective effect -the people there consumed moderate amounts, plus live a much healthier lifestyle overall. Thus lots of people in western worlds went mad for soya buying soya milk, burgers, cheese and even supplements etc…I lived on soya products when I first went vegan, I have no idea if that contributed to my breast cancer, I was told tumours can take time to form, and prior to being vegan I was extremely overweight and a heavy drinker, I try not to over analyse that as I did in the past, so I think this is why I am struggling so much at the moment with the food issues I long for a day I can eat without guilt whether over cancer, gout or weight!