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Sure, keep eating hummus and peanut butter for the time being. You’re avoiding enough foods already!

I don’t know what the controversy about multi-vitamins is about but lysine ain’t a vitamin and the most multi-vitamin pills wouldn’t have it. For one thing, you need a much larger volume of lysine than all vitamins combined.
There are blood tests for lysine. Sometimes it’s tested as part of a full amino acids test. But such tests aren’t routinely done here, except perhaps of infants.
I don’t know what your diet is like so I have no idea how likely you are to have serious deficiencies but the way you talk about purines and phytoestrogens is worrying.
If it’s only soy you avoid, fine. You could even avoid all beans as well as green peas if you ate enough lentils and chickpeas. I don’t know how much muscle there’s on you and so forth so I don’t know your requirements but my guess is that about 80g lentils (uncooked and unsoaked) plus 80g chickpeas (uncooked and unsoaked) per day would cover your requirements. If you’re eating loads of cauliflower, rapini, turnip greens, spinach and such, that could cover part of your requirements and lessen your need for legumes. Quinoa and potatoes would also lessen your need for legumes but not by all that much.