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Rebecca Nahid

Thanks for your replies, out of interest what is “Rapini?” If I am honest with you and myself my diet isn’t that great, I don’t eat lots of saturated fat or junk food and my cholesterol, blood pressure fine plus the blood tests come back showing no deficiencies in major things like iron, protein, B12, calcium etc…so on paper I look fine. I am a bit overweight as do have a fondness for things like nuts, olives, olive oil and avocado which hopefully are all a good part of keeping a gout free diet. I don’t get enough protein I know that, and this whole current purine/calorie/phytoestrogen obsession doesn’t help! I hope I haven’t painted an overall picture of vegan diets being unhealthy because I have so many vegan friends who put me to shame who eat hearty and balanced diets without needing to supplement and are well into old age. What I will say is this, ignore whether I am vegan or not I have had a long standing eating disorder and that unfortunately comes and goes. I am no longer bulimic but the issues over food and my weight will probably never go away although I hope they do!