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patrick kelley

Purines Cause Gout

Since finding out I had gout 13 years ago, I immediately researched what causes gout. From a layman’s standpoint, gout is caused by your bodies inability to expel uric acid through urination. Purines in the body create uric acid, the uric acid then works its way to feet, tail bones, hands, anywhere it wants to go for the most part. When you look at foods containing high amounts of purines, you quickly learn meats, fish, gravies, and liver are have some of the highest concentrations of purines. So what did do? I became a vegetarian. Right away I noticed a decrease in gout attacks. I’ve been a vegetarian now for 11 years. To ensure I get enough complete protein, I consume low sugar yogurt with 3 tbls of hemp seed, 2 tbls flax seed, and 1 tbls chia seeds, combined with a large glass of 1% milk. This combination gives 40 grams of complete protein each time I do it (x2). I’m 69 yrs. old.

I also take 100 mg of allopurinol in the morning and 100 mg before I go to bed. When I take my allopurinol I consume lots and lots of water making sure my stomach has no food in it. Taking my meds in this manner ensures the allopurinol reaches my extremities quickly and effectively. If food is in your stomach the meds effectiveness will be limited. I love my vegetables and beans and almond butter. My gout is manageable. As most foods have purines, I don’t eat asparagus, cauliflower, and other veggies that are higher in purine contents as well.