Reply To: Gout Foodie Questions

Keith Taylor

You suspect right, nobody, except it is sweetened with cane sugar. But like you say, it’s better to get used to unsweetened cereals. In particular, these breakfast biscuits are widely available in the original 100% whole wheat versions (delicious with a moderate serving of real fruit). In this case, Ron even got the name wrong! Because it’s Kashi Autumn Wheat:

7g of sugar per recommended serving, which probably means more like 12g. That is approx one-quarter of the recommended daily sugar intake.

“Will that hurt my gout?” Oh yes! But personally, I’d worry more about heart disease and diabetes than dying of gout.

To all Gout Foodies write out 100 times:
Of course the amounts you eat matters more than the exact product. And what matters [most] is your whole diet.