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Keith Taylor

I suppose it’s inevitable that costs get mentioned when Krystexxa is discussed. But, as a life-saving treatment for unresponsive gout, it’s more of a moral issue than a gout issue. Personally, I think the best place to discuss medical costs is outside this gout forum. Because it’s political, not medical.

Anyway, when I posted this message from the Feedback form, I hoped to introduce the topic of Krystexxa. So, it’s fantastic to see John’s update. I understand what nobody means when he says “If I thought Tophus Sufferer would read this thread, I’d have brought up pegloticase myself.” Because it seems futile to respond to questions that are unlikely to get reactions from the original poster. But, I tend to think of the thousands of visitors who don’t feel comfortable posting to forums. Because they will get good knowledge from seeing the real-life benefits of extreme tophi control.

So, thanks to all who contributed here. I think I have some more relevant Krystexxa information somewhere. So, I hope to dig it out soon.