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The thing is, your cites are about what I’d call habitual exercise, not about what you should do during brief acute episodes.
Obviously, it’s not somehow your fault or an argument against your experience that there seems to be little scientific reasearch into how best to deal with such episodes. Nevertheless, Pinto’s recommendations are as far as I can tell irrelevant to acute episodes.
Habitual mobility may prevent gout-related inflammation (or merely reduce it, which is good enough). It simply doesn’t follow that mobility would do much for acute episodes once they’ve started. If someone breaks a bone because of severe obesity, exercise may help address the cause in the long run but it obviously wouldn’t heal the bone. Likewise, it may be advisable to keep moving in the face of RA but it doesn’t follow that the same goes for acute gouty episodes.

More to the point considering DQ’s questions, how do you know that crystals cause no damage outside of inflammation or other things the immune system does or fails to do?
I’m not talking about crystals being “pointy” or anything like that. But if you have a sizable foreign growth in a weight-bearing joint, how could that not create a mechanical problem? Maybe I simply don’t understand where large amounts of uric acid are typically deposited.