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Keith Taylor

Personally, I think the relationship of gout to bones is the same wherever they are located. Because uric acid crystals will eventually lead to bone damage in and around affected joints. So, assuming your uric acid is still under control, I’d put this down to minor discomfort from old crystals dissolving. But, if it continues, you should see your doctor with it to rule out any other damage.

The foot is always complicated when it comes to gout. Because there are many conditions that get confused with gout. Especially complicated where these conditions co-exist. So I will continue to add specifics about this particular problem in my Sesamoiditis versus Gout explanations. As a general rule, I’ve noted that the best approach is usually to get uric acid safe. Then you can focus on sesamoids, bunions, or other bone or cartilage defects if they continue once gout is resolved.