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Clement Wong

@Nobody, thanks for you advice. Will allopurinol decrease the low level chronic inflammation (not bad enough to use colchicine), assuming that it does manage to lower my uric acid level. The strange thing is that my symptoms were worse previously when I had a much lower uric acid of 5.0 mg/dl (I’m assuming it was not wrong, though I may go back to the same lab to recheck).

I’m reluctant to go with allopurinol because i) more than one person has suggested that I would have to take it for life, ii) I’ve heard that allopurinol can initially lead to attacks, iii) A family friend of my dad’s been taking it but it doesn’t seem to do much for him. He also says you can get attacks even with low uric acid levels.
That said, I’d be interested in anyone who has had positive experiences with it

@ keith: I started taking celery seed the week before my first blood test, and was pretty much consistent. It is supposed to lower uric acid. Some herbal teas for cleaning I’ve been taking was less consistent, but they are supposed to take effect in the long term anyways. I saw an article on taking celery seed that mentioned uric acid level may initially increase as uric crystal dissolves. Not sure if it is true or not.