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I see I forgot a “not” in my post above which I just edited: you do NOT have very high uric acid. That means that you probably would not require medication for life.

Yes, allopurinol can lead to attacks but that’s not specific to allopurinol. You noticed yourself that your symptoms were worse when your uric acid was lower. However you reduce uric acid, the result is the same: attacks often increase during the next several months. But if uric acid stays low, the attacks eventually stop (if the cause was indeed gout). If your uric acid goes up and down during that phase however, it may take a very long time for the attacks to stop depending on how high is “up” (7.5 mg/dl is too much).
It’s also true that you can get attacks even with very low uric acid levels.
Lowering uric acid helps in the long run, not only by preventing attacks in the following years but also by protecting your body against further damage. Some of the damage done by uric acid is permanent.

Allopurinol is not the only drug you can take to lower uric acid. And as you know there are plants which seem to lower uric acid.
Keith here has had a good experience with allopurinol.
Allopurinol and its main alternative (which is called febuxostat) are both more effective and reliable than most other solutions. But like most effective drugs, they are also dangerous and should only be used with serious medical supervision. Some people should not take these drugs.