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This has kicked off into a brilliant debate. A great opportunity for us to brainstorm too.

“iron-stomached, steel-livered” – haha 🙂

Yes, from what I understand most of Keith comments were about habitual exercise whereas my findings were more concerned with what getting mobile asap can or can’t do to the acute flare. Despite uric acid forming microscopic crystals that are harmless in themselves the real issue is when they accumulate around the joints. From what I understand over time these crystals can mechanically intervene with the normal movement process of the joints. After all as nobody says there must be some sort of “additional friction or compensation for the foreign body” which I believe can cause some sort of bone erosion.

Whilst I most certainly believe that the real issue is addressing the underlining issue of lowering uric acid I also seem to have had better heating time results resting the joint longer. However on the flip side trying to keep mobile and use the joint during an acute flare caused me to almost become ‘aquatinted’ with the pain so somewhat more pain tolerant which I probably wouldn’t have been lying down resting. I definitely do not condone that as an advantage though. I think in future if an attack does strike I will take the more relaxed approach rather then express mobility.

Finally, I spoke to my rheumatologist about my ongoing pain and he’s response was quite simply you seem to have ongoing low grade inflammation which there is nothing we can really do about until you start febuxostat to begin to dissolving the crystals that are causing your immune response. I insisted and questioned if it could be permanent damage so he offered an ultrasound guided injection to remove the pain and check to see if there was damage but I rejected that route and explained that I would like to have a detailed MRI scan as I felt that they can better indicate damage. He wasn’t too pleased and explained that an injection would relieve the pain and that I could reject the needle at the time of the ultrasound however I said no. I want an MRI to give us CLARITY, ultrasounds are not as accurate. so I am now waiting for the scan date.

What do you think, can we get a clearer picture from that?