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@BigA – I know your question is directed to nobody but I just want to step in and explain since my symptoms are almost identical to yours in the way of inflammation and ongoing pain until today. My rheumatologist described this as an ongoing low grade inflammation and that it may never resolve itself until you take ULT (uric acid lowering therapy) such as Allopurinol or Febuxostat (there are other drug options that work in other ways too). He mentioned that when UA drops low enough all residual pain should settle. I’ve even gone as far as decline that possibility and forcefully tell my rheumatologist I want an MRI to confirm if there is permanent damage done since him starting me on allopurinol or not (I got hit with a savage attack at 300mgs and then during the same attack increased further to 400mgs).

I know you are not keen on taking a tablet a day and believe me neither was I as I have had a bad experience on allopurinol and had to stop it (side effect issue). I will be soon moving to febuxostat but in all honesty, you will never beat gout alone. Your body simply cannot get rid of uric acid quick enough or it over produces the stuff. Diet, homeopathy, supplementations all decrease uric acid but all it takes is for you not to have access to the above (or an allopurinol tablet) for uric acid to rise. If you are border line Good / Safe levels then yes, I would most definitely try homeopathy first otherwise it really is a tough battle mate.

If you are going to take a Colchicine tablet daily to help with your inflammation then it may be best to throw a 100mg allopurinol tablet into the mix and get your uric acid lower. That way you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Always speak to your rheumatologist for dosage guidelines however.